Big News: has been acquired by BlueZebra Sports

October 8, 2013

BlueZebra SportsThere has been a lot going on with lately and I’m very excited to be able to share some big news… has been acquired by BlueZebra Sports!

BlueZebra Sports is a leading provider of officiating management software with a strong focus on solutions for collegiate sports. Over 20 NCAA Division I Conferences use BlueZebra Sports to manage their officiating programs in one or more sports—including Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Softball, Wrestling, and Field Hockey.

Their clients include the ACC, The American, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, CAA, Horizon League, Mountain West, Pac-12, among others. They also serve several Division II/III, NAIA, and JuCo leagues, such as the Heart of America and Great Lakes Valley Conference.

In short, the best sports officiating solution for high school, youth, and adult sports is joining the best platform for collegiate sports officiating.

Bradley Batt, founder and owner of BlueZebra Sports, has extensive experience in software development, having started his career at Compaq in Houston before serving as a consultant to several Fortune 500 companies. Brad also spent 15 years officiating basketball, including 7 years working NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball.

BlueZebra Sports not only provides the officiating management software for many college conferences, they also operate, originally started in 1999 as a training and educational site for officials. Their forum is still today the most frequented sports officiating discussion board on the web.

I will be joining BlueZebra Sports full-time as Chief Operating Officer. My primary job will be to ensure that you experience a smooth transition with minimal disruption to the service you have come to expect from

With a significant change like this, I want to reassure you that this is a “big win” for you.   There will be some changes, but this move will allow us to provide you and your sports officials with a better experience.

No surprises. There will be some changes to the service, however, we intend to communicate with you every step of the way. In addition, we will make sure that you are kept aware of changes and any impact they may have on your season. will soon be changing it’s name to  We will be letting you know when we are ready to make this change, but the name will soon be changing to  Once the name change is complete, existing bookmarks will redirect automatically to, in an effort to make the transition as easy as possible.

Initially, the only change you will see will be the name and the look and feel to the service. The service we will be providing will be the same as what you have used in the past. During the transition, we plan to provide continuous service with minimal disruption.

If you are an existing customer, rest assured that we will take care of you. Our first priority is taking care of our existing customers. Our goal is to ensure that any changes will help make your job easier. We will communicate with you, ask for your feedback, and assist you with any problems.

We make an awesome team! Brad and I have been working together since June to make this happen, and we have big plans for expanding services and features. Our vision is simple: Make managing sports officiating as easy as possible, using the best technology available.

Brad and I are extremely excited about the opportunity to work with you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Jeff Wigal
Owner, Dropkick Studios

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7 Responses to “Big News: has been acquired by BlueZebra Sports”

  1. Mike Says:

    Good luck Jeff.

  2. Bob Moline Says:

    Jeff, Tell me more about the services you provide and who you service.As an avid sports fan, I am intrigued about your company. Congratulations on this partnership and best wishes in your new career.

  3. Mark Redmann Says:

    Jeff, I represent a small, non-profit Cal Ripken Baseball league in Flemington, NJ. We are staffed entirely by parent volunteers. has perfectly met our needs at a low cost to us. My hope with this acquisition is that you will continue to offer your services at an affordable price with the same level of service. Thanks and congratulations! – Mark Redmann

  4. Jeff Wigal Says:

    Thanks Mark! It’s a little too early to provide a complete picture of what our pricing structure will look like. You can be assured that your existing subscriptions will be honored. If there is a pricing change, you will get plenty of notice and can make a decision at that time. Our pricing for existing customers will likely be lower than it will be for new customers.

    Unfortunately we can’t provide a blanket promise of “pay the same price forever”. It is likely that we will have a tiered pricing structure, and new features may come with a price increase. If you aren’t interested in new features, your pricing will be similar to what you are paying now.

  5. Jeff Wigal Says:

    Hi Bob!

    Dropkick Studios (my company) has provided a service that can be used by leagues and referee associations for scheduling and management of sports officials. It’s not a small task… some organizations manage thousands of games per year, with referee and umpire organizations ranging in size from as small as 30 to as large as 1000. The focus of is ensuring the correct official is assigned to the correct game, and communicating that information in a timely manner. There’s a lot to juggle, ensuring you haven’t scheduled someone to work two games at the same time, that the referee is qualified to work that particular difficulty level, or that they don’t have some other personal obligation that would prevent them from working at all on a particular day.

    BlueZebra Sports has a similar product (, but it is focused on what is needed for collegiate sports officials. There’s a lot of similarity, but there is also quite a few differences in what a collegiate referee assignor needs vs. a high school referee assignor.

  6. Len Szachara Says:

    Congratulations and good luck. How does this new system compare with Arbiter?

  7. Jeff Wigal Says:

    Hi Len– BlueZebra Sports handles the officiating management needs of numerous college conferences… they wouldn’t be using it if it wasn’t good software. We have some big changes planned that will be noticeable to both existing customers as well as BlueZebra customers.

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